Wasps In Auckland

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Introduced wasp species are causing a number of problems throughout New Zealand. New Zealand provides a favourable habitat for wasps as there are no natural predators, winters are relatively mild and there is a plentiful food supply.

Wasps in New Zealand: the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris), German wasp (V. germanica), Australian paper wasp (Polistes hummulis), Asian paper wasp (P. chinensis) and Scoliid wasp (Radumeris tasmaniensis).

If you are being annoyed by a wasp, stay calm and move quietly away. Wasps can be attracted to food. If you’re eating and the wasp won’t go away, put your food down and quietly move away from it. Wasps are unlikely to chase after you unless disturbed.

Watch out for wasps and their nests when walking through the bush in spring or summer time. Reduce the risk of wasp stings by wearing light coloured clothing. Wasps, bees and bumblebees tend to attack against dark coloured objects, when disturbed.

Wasp Control

Extermination of wasps should be left to professionals. A botched attempt at spraying a wasp nest can leave you with some very angry wasps. Having the correct equipment is important, as is knowing the type of wasp and the best extermination method.

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