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Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Advanced Pest Control is a family owned business, and we take care of your home like our own. You can rely on us to provide a quality solution to your pest problems.

All chemicals used by registered pest control companies have gone through a series of tests and have been approved of by the Health Department, Pesticides Board and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry before being released for use in the commercial and domestic markets. They have been designed to be safe for use in your home or place of work.

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There is no better proof than a satisfied client:

“I asked Keith to call at a bungalow divided into 2 flats. There were problems in the front flat with cockroaches and in the back flat, ants. Keith called first to meet the tenants. The feedback from Kathy was that she was totally impressed with Keith’s quiet, respectful manner. She was very happy for him to have access while she was out. Diane at the back wanted to talk to Keith about any risks to her young son from any chemicals to be used. Keith was able to discuss fully all the planned treatments and Diane was entirely happy. Since the treatment we’ve had no cockroach or ant problems. I will use Keith’s services again. I recommend him.”

Geoff Tyler

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