Fleas in Auckland

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Fleas pass disease from rat to rat and rat to human, making both flea control and rodent control essential. Infections from flea bites on the legs of children and adults are a common sight, caused by excessive scratching.

The adult pupae may stay dormant for up to a year. Usually vibrations trigger the fleas to hatch and this is why some people experience sudden infestations of fleas. If someone enters an area where fleas have been dormant for some time, the vibrations can trigger a mass hatching.

Flea Control

The extermination of fleas relies on the pest controller’s expertise, along with residents making an effort to make the environment unsuitable for fleas, through regular vacumming, flea treatments for pets, etc.

For effective flea control, a product must be used for eradication of the adult and all other stages of the life cycle – eggs, larvae and pupae.

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