Spiders in Auckland

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

In New Zealand we have few venomous spiders. We have the Katipo spider which is venomous but is generally only found near the coast, often in tussocky areas. Here in Auckland the White Tailed spider is an ongoing issue. The spider is venomous and bites can be painful. It is not the venom of the spider but the bacteria it carries that is thought to be the cause of more serious problems. These bacteria are thought to cause ulceration and sometimes necrosis. This has lead to the fearful reputation of the white tail spider bite.

Spider control is not simple in Auckland, as White Tailed spiders are nomadic and like most spiders, are nocturnal. They enter into human areas in search of food and set up webs which are very durable and will often gather dust for many years if not removed. These build up over time and become unsightly and are also a food source for White Tail spiders.

Spider Control

Spider control is a 6-step process

1. Inspection.

2. Identification.

3. Prevention.

4. Sanitation.

5. Mechanical measures.

6. Pesticide application.

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