Will I still see insects?
Yes, we do not and cannot guarantee to keep insects out of your house or premises. They can be brought in through a number of ways whether it is by old boxes, books or furniture being brought into the house or they have gained entry simply by walking in from untreated areas such as sheds, letterboxes, gardens or even your neighbour’s property. However, once they make contact with the treated surface they will die.

How long will it take for the insects to die?
The chemicals used are Synthetic Pyrethroids (SP) which is based on a natural pyrethrum found in the Chrysanthemum Daisy. The wonderful aspect of SP’s is that they not only kill insects after they come in contact with a treated surface, but they will also deter a large number from even coming into your home. Occasionally insects will become paralysed after walking across a treated surface, and this is why you may see them sitting on your ceiling or walls for up to 24 hours or more, but rest assured they will die.

How long will the treatment last?
For a full season, so remember if your house is treated at the end of summer it will need to be treated before the next summer season begins, so try and treat early.

If it is safe, why do we have to be out of the property for three hours?
This is because the chemical is sometimes applied through ultra low volume atomisers. This is where the chemical particles are low and airborne and would affect your sinuses therefore we have to wait for them to settle before it is safe to re-enter. The chemical also has a solvent that could cause skin burning while airborne.

Is it safe for children, pets, asthmatics and pregnant women?
Yes, all chemicals used by registered pest control companies have gone through a series of tests and have been approved of by the Health Department, Pesticides Board and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry before being released for use in the commercial and domestic markets. It has been designed to be safe for use in your home or place of work; therefore it is not a miracle cure.

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