Cockroaches in Auckland

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Common pest species – German Blatella germanica, American Periplaneta americana , Black Platyzosteria novaeseelandiae and Gisborne Drymaplaneta semivitta (not to be confused with the native Bush Cockroach Celatoblatta spp.)

Roaches prefer warm, moist and sheltered areas close to food and water. They can survive in extremes of heat (Bakers ovens), extremes of cold (Deep freezes), withstand over 2000 times more radiation than human beings and still reproduce and adapt.

It is incredibly important that action be taken immediately to rid your premises of cockroaches as soon as you see them as some female cockroaches can remain pregnant permanently and produce up to 150 offspring per year.

Cockroach Control

In order to effectively eradicate cockroaches, not just a professional extermination is required. Often the occupants of the building/home need to change their habits – keeping food sources away from cockroaches is crucial to preventing their return. A range of controls can be employed, including gel baits, dusts and residual sprays. Along with these, good hygiene and thorough cleaning are very important in controlling cockroaches, as this removes food sources and breeding areas.

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