Ants In Auckland

Keeping Your Home Pest Free

In Auckland, the four species are the black ant, the white footed black ant, the darwin ant and the argentine ant.

Ants are social insects and are extremely successful and well organised, and there are over 3000 species of ants worldwide. Ants are powerful and tireless workers and often traveled large distances and settle before being noticed or  causing a problem. They follow pheromone trails to their food sources that are laid down by other ants that have been successful in finding it. They constantly communicate with each other as they meet on the trail and are very good at finding and communicating a new food source back to the nest, especially sugars.

Controlling Ants

It is important to understand the ants trailing and nest making habits and careful observation is important for their eradication and long term control.

There are a range of effective treatments to exterminate ants. The use of baits and longer term control solutions should also be considered.

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